About the Mt. Baker Hill Climb

Ascend 4,462 feet from Chair 9 in Glacier to Artist Point (5,140 feet elevation) in 22 miles. The Mt. Baker Highway (SR542) is known as one of the most scenic paved roads in the country and rarely is the highway closed to motorized vehicles from Glacier to Artist Point. With steep elevation and several switchbacks, this ride is not for the faint of heart but the views are stunning. Experience the agony and the ecstasy!

Whatcom Events is a volunteer-operated community 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. Our mission is volunteer-driven sustainable management of events that showcase the diverse natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities Whatcom County has to offer while supporting local nonprofit organizations. The Beneficiary of the Mt. Baker Hill Climb is Shifting Gears.


What is the difference between the Social Ride and the Recreational Ride?2018-07-03T15:52:45-07:00

Social riders are cyclist that anticipate taking approximately 3 hours (with frequent stops) to do the climb as opposed to the recreational riders who may do it in closer to 2 hours.  The Recreational category will largely be experienced cyclist familiar with racing but who may not want to “compete” for the best time.

Choose a class that fits your riding style best and you’ll be guaranteed to have a great time!

Is the Mt. Baker Hill Climb a race or a ride?2018-06-15T14:40:44-07:00

The MBHC is a timed race for all riders but two of our three divisions (Social and Recreational) are intended as a ride for non-Competitive Racers.

Where is the start/finish line located?2018-06-15T14:53:40-07:00

The Race will be staged at Chair 9, located at 10459 Mt Baker Hwy on the east side of Glacier. The official start line will be ½ mile east at Snowater Road. The finish line will be at Artist Point on Mt. Baker.

Can I ride my bike down the highway after the race?2018-06-18T14:30:08-07:00

Highway 542 will be closed to traffic both ways from 7:00 AM-12:00 PM. You are more than welcome to ride your bike down the mountain after the climb but please be aware that the Race consists solely of the ascent eastbound along Highway 542 from Glacier to Artist Point; any travel westbound on Highway 542 will be at your own accord and at your own risk. If you depart after 12:00 PM, there will be traffic in the highway. Prior to noon, our shuttles will be traveling down the highway transporting cyclists who do not wish to bike down. The Baker Bus will have a shuttle for passengers and a trailer for transporting bikes back down to Glacier but please be advised that they are not able to assume any responsibility for damage that may be done to bicycles during the descent.

When is Highway 542 closed to traffic and from where?2022-08-22T16:55:52-07:00

The highway is closed promptly at 7:00 am when the first ride leaves and is closed from Snowater Rd to Artist Point.  After the final ride leaves at 8:30, we move the closure up to Canyon Creek Road.  The highway is closed East and West Bound but be aware that there may be some traffic from back country campers who drove in before the morning of the closure.  We also have SAG wagons and motorcycles patrolling the route.

Beginning at 10:30 am, the shuttle will be traveling West Bound to Glacier and then we will begin releasing cyclist and vehicles from Artist Point.  The road is fully open both directions at 12:00 noon.  If you have someone who would like to wait for you at the finish line, they MUST leave Glacier prior to the 7:00 am closure and proceed directly to Artist Point.

Are E-Bikes allowed?2018-12-20T14:21:06-08:00

E-bikes are only allowed in the social division and those riding an e-bike will not be timed or eligible for awards.

Are there aid stations/rest stops?2018-08-23T10:04:22-07:00

There will be a food and water station, porta-pottie and First-Aid kit at Salmon Ridge Sno-Park 12 miles from the start and a water station and First-Aid kit at White Salmon 17.2 miles from the start. The Finish Line at Artist Point will have food, water, porta-potties and a First-Aid kit. Medics will be on standby for any emergencies that may arise.

Where do I park?2022-08-19T13:42:08-07:00

We will have volunteers in safety vests direct you to our nearby lot. As parking is limited we do recommend that you carpool to Glacier. We ask that you not park in front of the businesses or residences in the town of Glacier expect for when you are conducting business with them.

Where can I eat after the ride?2018-07-03T15:48:42-07:00

The Heather Meadows Café will be open on Mt. Baker serving sandwiches, beverages and sundries.   Chair 9 will be hosting an after party with pizza, burgers, soup, salad, beer and more.  Graham’s Restaurant, Milano’s Italian and Wake ‘n Bakery are all 1 mile west of Chair 9 in Glacier and are open various hours.

Where can I stay?2018-07-03T17:37:07-07:00

Mt Baker Lodging and Snowater Resort both offer lodging option very close to the start of the race. You can find more information on our Lodging Page

When does online registration close?2021-07-29T16:05:30-07:00

Online registration closes the Thursday prior to the race but please be aware that this event will be capped at 450 people. Once registered, this race is non-refundable.

Do you offer tech support?2018-08-23T10:05:25-07:00

Yes, Fanatik will offer tech station at Chair 9 prior to the race. The two Aid Stations on the course will have a bike pump and patch kit but with that said, we recommend you carry a basic repair kit in case you need a repair between stations.

Is there a minimum age for riders?2018-06-15T14:54:50-07:00

Yes, riders must be at least 13 years old by the day of the race. Riders between the ages of 13-15 years old on race day MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian in order to participate.