September 15, 2024

Breathe. Pedal. Climb.

It’s all uphill from here


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Hill Climb starts at Snowater Road (just east of Chair 9) and finishes at Artist Point.


Mt Baker Hill Climb poses a unique challenge with over 4,000 feet in elevation gain along the winding highway into the alpine.


Top 10 Gran Fondo Hill Climb Events

The Mt. Baker Hill Climb was awarded the #2 Hill Climb in the US and the #9 Hill Climb in North America by Gran Fondo Guide

Mt. Baker Hill climb was well-run, safe, scenic, and challenging but with a positive atmosphere. I had tons of fun racing and meeting all the¬†riders, and I’ll keep an eye out for more reasons to return to Bellingham. Everyone warned me that the weather would be miserable, and I think you were all lying to keep your great area a secret. This was a perfect way to check Mt. Baker off my list, and I’m excited to share the episode of Worst Retirement Ever with you all

Phil Gaimon, Woodland Hill, CA

The Mount Baker Hill Climb has its bases covered with organization and is clearly geared towards the athlete’s experience. I never imagined I could stand at the start line with an ex-pro racer like Phil Gaimon, take in so many views on a closed mountain pass road and participate in an age category podium at the finish line.

Brooke D, Shoreline, WA - 2022 Whistler Granfondo female winner


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